About Princess Diamonds

IMG_7954At Princess Diamonds, we strive to create captivating pieces that culminate into the very essence of love, style, and elegance. Driven by the concern for detail and perfection, our multifaceted artistry produces a level of sophistication and appeal that takes jewelry design to the next level. Princess Diamonds’ humble beginnings began in 2001, when international entrepreneur Charbel Hayek opened up his first store in New Hampshire. The inspiration behind his creative and modernistic jewelry is a combination of Eastern and Western cultures that came to fruition through his dual nationality. By 2013, Charbel Hayek expanded the business and Princess Diamonds went on to become one of the biggest retail and wholesale stores in Burlington, Massachusetts. Today, Princess Diamonds is the choice representative of world-renowned brands, such as Caro74, Valina Bridals, Facets, Allison Kaufman, Coast Diamond, Benchmark, Colore/SG, Brosway, Imperial Pearl, Officiani Bernardi, etc… . We offer handcrafted designs and custom-made jewelry that focuses on a unique combination of gemstones and hand-set diamonds reserved for a clientele looking for elegant pieces with a focus on each gem’s unique features. Each collection is designed and crafted firsthand to tell its own story reserved only for a few.