Phuong Sy
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I love everyone in the princess jewelers. They’re very helpful and nice. Come here I can find everything’s I wanna looking for.

*Posted on Princess Diamonds Facebook page on December 06, 2014

Ryan Doherty
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I made my seconds purchase from this store
Yesterday and was instantly reminded why I came back. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. Charbel helped me pick out something very special and made feel great about my purchase.
Thank you Princess Diamonds!

*Posted on Princess Diamonds Facebook page on July 17, 2016

Sara V.
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I took my son there to buy his girlfriend Christmas gift. Dimitri was very helpful and very knowledgable. They have great prices!

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Carrie Anne
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I’ve been to Princess Jewelers a few times to have my e-ring resized. Overall I feel the team at Princess Jewelers is very professional and knowledgeable in their work. I really appreciate the time and patience they spent with me and the excellent services they provided.

Originally, my ring was too big so I went to Princess Jewelers in January to have it sized down to a 5.5. Some people have smooth, straight fingers and some people have knobby fingers where their finger knuckles are more pronounced. I am in the latter group.

Because the stone is an emerald and not as hard as a diamond, I feel it is in the best interest of the stone to remove my ring on a daily basis. As the months went by, I found that my daily routine of putting the ring on in the mornings and taking it off at night became more and more challenging. In the beginning, I would twist it around the knuckle in order to remove the ring but I think this method caused my finger to swell up. Then I resorted to using soap and/or coconut oil each time I wanted to remove the ring and would painstakingly wiggle it around the knuckle rather than twist it (I am told Windex works too). Some evenings I was unable to remove the ring at all so I left it on overnight. Finally I gave up and stopped wearing the ring altogether.

After having the ring at a size 5.5 for six months, I decided it would make sense for me to resize it up to a 6, also figuring that my ring size is going to swell up in the summer heat. So I revisited Princess Jewelers, expressed my concerns, and was re-measured as 5.5. The rep explained that a size six might be too big but if that’s what I want, then I should consider having beads installed to help prevent the ring from spinning around the smaller part of my finger. Beads look like tiny spherical prongs made with a metal that matches the band and are attached to the inside the ring – they help keep the ring centered on the finger. I agreed to have my ring resized to a 6 with medium-sized beads installed.

A couple days later I picked my ring up. The beads looked very well-crafted and the ring sparkled like new. The ring felt tight as I struggled to get it onto my finger but I thought that my finger was probably just swollen after walking half a mile in the heat.

Later that evening, I was unable to remove my ring. I was told that the beads wouldn’t really affect the fit around the knuckle but in my case they did. My finger swelled up more than it had any other time before and my usual ring removal tactics were failing me; the beads made twisting painful. My mom suggested Preparation H (cringe) and my sister found a floss trick online that sounded promising. Worst case scenario would be if the swelling got so tight that I’d need to have the ring cut off, so I decided to leave it be and gave my finger a week for the swelling to go down. After a week, I managed to remove the ring with great difficulty.

Disheartened, I returned to Princess Jewelers, explained my concerns, and asked if it would be possible to file down the beads a bit. The rep consulted the jeweler and told me that they would need to remove the medium-sized beads and install smaller ones. I decided to just have the beads removed and mentioned that I may consider smaller beads at a later date. The rep explained that I just need to be careful not to have too much work done on the ring too frequently because it does stress the white gold metal which then needs to be replated in rhodium each time, which is a costly process. That is very good information to know.

Now my ring is a size six, no beads, and I am very pleased with it. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much! Again, I really do appreciate the time and patience that Princess Jewelers had extended to me. An overall positive experience.

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Christine Marchand
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I love this jewelry store! The sales staff are so knowledgeable and helpful. Sharbel did a fabulous job repairing and resizing my engagement and wedding rings. He suggested a few creative changes that truly enhanced the beauty of these rings. I sit here now and marvel at how beautifully transformed they are! A wonderful experience and a repeat customer for sure!


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Darlene Cochenour Daniels
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Great prices for new jewelry & to fix existing as well. Thank you for your quick service. My husband & I both love this store.

*Posted on Princess Diamonds Facebook Page on January 08, 2016

Nick del’Etoile
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Charbel and his team are amazing. His talents as a custom jeweler are second to none. I had him create my wife’s engagement ring as well as matching wedding band. I couldn’t be happier with the product or the high level of customer service.

*Posted on Princess Diamonds Facebook Page on July 17, 2014

Darnyel Marie Abreu
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When it comes to customer service, quality and just an overall wonderful experience, princess is at the top of our list! My fiancé and I went in on a Monday evening looking for a new setting for my engagement ring. I went in thinking I knew what I wanted and when it came down to it, I felt confused. Princess jewelers expertise soon figured out what worked best for me. The owner, Charbel, stayed late to custom design my new ring. I was so appreciative and speechless over the ring he designed for me. We are customers for life.

*Posted on Princess Diamonds Facebook Page on October 12, 2015